English Catalogue

A new version of our product catalogue, valid from 1st February 2021, will soon be available to download in English as a PDF-file.
At the moment, only the Swedish version is available on our web page.
Pages which have been revised are marked Edition 2021:1 at the bottom of the relevant pages.

Several changes have been made, most importantly are:
The meaning of series denotation and casing diameter have been changed for straight pipes as well as fittings. Sizes involved:

  • Single pipes DN450 and bigger
  • Twin pipes only DN20

During the transition period, as well as advising the DN size, please also advise the casing size required.

We have also changed some fittings (all DN sizes). It is regarding the length dimensions, both in singles and twins. Fittings involved:

  • Tees
  • Reducers

For those who require precise dimensions, please double check when ordering during the transition period.

For more info, please contact Jan Frick or our sales representatives.