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About us

We provide operationally reliable, preinsulated piping systems for district heating with minimal heat losses. Other applications, such as district cooling, are also an integral part of our business offering. Our deliveries comprise complete distribution systems, which include pipes, pipe components, valves, joints, alarm systems and associated equipment. Development and manufacturing are carried out at our plant in Goteborg.

Powerpipe Systems AB was founded in 1986, have 75 employees and is the market leader in the district heating markets in both Sweden and Norway. Other markets are Great Britain, France, Finland, Denmark and The Middle East. The annual production totals 27 000 pipes, 15 000 fittings and 50 000 casings with joints. Powerpipe Systems AB is owned by the Swedish company LOGSTOR Sverige Holding AB

Powerpipe Systems AB
Ellesbovägen 101
SE-425 02 Hisings Kärra
+46 31 57 78 00